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I suppose the better question is, what isn’t in your sewing room? If you are like me, you get to the point in a project where you lose the gusto to finish. You want to see the project finished but it’s gotten hard and your perfection is getting in the way, you simply don’t wan’t to finish it.

Around a month ago we had a customer come in who said she has many UFOs in her basement. I looked at her behind her mask and wondered, wait, what? I figured she wasn’t referring to the classic UFO we are all familiar with so I waited for her explanation. Unfinished Objects, she remarked. I felt a sense of relief as I discovered I wasn’t the only one with stacks on top of stacks of unfinished projects I have assured my husband I am going to, “finish soon”. I see projects and get inspired. I save them to my Pinterest board and say to myself, that will be my next project. Then I get started while in the middle of another project because I’m excited. Then I see another fun project and the current project gets put aside. The cycle continues.

With certain projects it requires me to have the right tools. I find myself looking at patterns that I am not able to do because I do not have the right machine for the job or skill level to accomplish the build.

img 6255 757x1024 - What is in your sewing room?
Finished product

Today I was excited about completing a project because it’s my first time sewing a blanket for the chair I sit in!

What project are you excited to sew?

img 6251 768x1024 - What is in your sewing room?
Childhood blanket redo/repair