My husband brought in my “horrible Hoover vacuum” for servicing in November 2015. My husband started to tell Bill about my cleaning frenzies and Bill told him about the Sebo and Miele vacuums. My husband came home and brought me a brochure. So, I did my Homework on the Sebo and Miele canister vacuums. Both of these vacuums are exceptional and quiet vacuums! Because of my personal needs: I love the Sebo D-4 canister: I love that the yearly servicing on the Sebo will be less expensive to service than the Miele. I love the attachments that come with the Sebo canister D-4 and the option to buy attachments that fits my needs. I love that the bags sits inside its own compartment away from the motor. I love that I can control the speed and suction of the Sebo D-4 on the handle and the canister. While vacuuming if a corner of a rug gets sucked into the vacuum head it will automatically stop. The nicest feature of the Sebo is that you can remove the roller brush to clean it. I do wish the Sebo had lights on the vacuum head like the Miele, but I figure it is one less expense and one less hassle of replacing the light.

I was SO skeptical of not only buying a vacuum but being sold a product that would not perform as advertised and I would be stuck with a crappy vacuum and money down the drain. In the past I have had bad experiences with a small vacuum shop in another state, plus I’ve had bad experiences with a brand name vacuum company. I was so skeptical when I walked through the door of Smokey Point Sew & Vac that I put poor Bill through the ringer. To my surprise he was pleasant, personable and made me feel as ease. He also let me vacuum his whole store so that I could try out the vacuums I wanted too and for as long as I wanted too. If you want someone you can trust and definitely stands behind his word, Bill is the guy for you! I promise you will not be sorry!

I ended up purchasing the Sebo D-4 canister vacuum and loved it so much that in March of this year I also purchased a Sebo X-4 upright vacuum. These vacuums perform so well and I enjoy using them. I can’t stop talking about my vacuums and my experience with Bill at Smokey Point Sew & Vac. You truly will not be sorry with his hands-down fabulous service and product lines. He definitely exceeded my expectations!!