img 9105 694x1024 - A Leather Tote For Everyone!
The Finished Product

Totes are the perfect bag for every day function and ease. Through all the things you need for the day into it and go about your business.

This particular tote is sewn on the Janome Hd9 using the Leather Kit accessories; Size 18 needle using a #69 bonded nylon thread.

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The Teflon foot helps glide over the leather while attaching the lining!

The machine did not struggle whatsoever with the topstitching or the straps attached a short row of stitches on the topstitch line of the bag to add more security. I love Chicago screws and rivets, but stitching is the most secure way to keep things in place!

img 9099 768x1024 - A Leather Tote For Everyone!
The Leather kit which includes the roller foot provides lots of clearance to sew this down!
img 9100 768x1024 - A Leather Tote For Everyone!
The inside includes a place for your keys! No more rummaging through to find them in your tote!

This pattern was taken from a book I purchased and I added some features I like in a tote. Pockets!!

Happy sewing and don’t for get to check out the HD9 in store!